2 Strategies (in Pictures)

The first strategy may be called "Idiotic": this is like flu, nothing must be done, let us reopen economy as soon as possible. These are results:

UK. They introduced a kind of quarantine. But too late when the process already became unmanageable. See what happened:

This is untrue statistics because nobody knows how many cases in UK were not reported and not confirmed. 2 times more? 3 times? 4? We know only that both PM and Prince of Wales were contaminated. Better picture we may see from the statistics of deaths.

The both lines do not shows any signs of lowering. The Britishes have to thank for this own prime minister.

Another defender of civil right - Sweden.

The cases grow. But even more speedy grow deaths.

Italy introduced a quarantine. But too late. See how quickly the curve went up and how slowly and difficult - down. The country is already contaminated.

The same in Spain. But Spain shows us also how dangerous early easing restriction.

And now see how the second strategy (call it "Responsible" works. This is when a state introduces strict limitations (social distancing, stay at home,obligatory masks etc.). We find examples of such strategy around the world even in Europe. This is Austria.

This is Iceland with its below 1% lethality.

This is Australia, another hemisphere.

And this is Vietnam with zero deaths.

Think about what you see and do not allow government to be idiots like Boris Johnson or Donald Trump.

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