I. Wise States

Wise states consider seriously, react promptly and adequately.

1. China (serious attitude from the very beginning and urgent reaction on all spikes; there were several spikes).

2. Taiwan (serious attitude and permanent attention to the problem)

3. Vietnam (when they became more serious they receive in August the spike not only in the number of cases but in the number of deaths with extremely high lethality, but they react quickly and put the spike to zero)

4. Kazakhstan (when several month neglecting resulted in 2000 new cases per day they lock downed and put the new cases bellow 100)

5. New Zeeland (when they received the spike after several good months) they immediately activate the work and now almost ended the spike).

II. Foolish States

Foolish states try to ignore, dream about "normality" and try "returning to normality" as soon as impossible, hope for vaccine and do not want nether change themselves nor understand what happen.

1. USA (they have ignored the problem under leadership of an idiot and being idiotic in significant part of society). They fight not against virus but for liberty and the habitual way of life.

2. Israel (they ignored the problem protesting against limitations and considering economics above life of vulnerable citizens).

3. Western Europe (this is not one country but the same behaviour of many countries). All of them wanted to return to their "normality", e.g. do not want to limit tourism.

4. Brazil (they allow the virus doing what he wants)

5. India (they did not try to limit seriously the virus)

I did not include Russia because their statistics is unreliable to say mildly.

III. Conclusion

What I want to say is very simple: be wise not foolish.

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