Conversation with the Virus

by Dr. Alexander Zelitchenko

Why conversation? The pandemics is a natural process. We do not speak – simply behave rationally.

No, this is not a natural process. We see many events that cannot be explained naturally. Two most obvious from them are the sharp changes in pandemic 1-3 of April and 22-24 of July.

Natural processes do not behave with such sharp changes. Note also that April change was also the change of mortality in several (3-5) times (the virus became 3-5 times less deadly in 1-3 days). This is not naturally.

Thus, this is artificial. Somebody of unknown (for science) nature plays with humankind. What is a play? We observe until now 4 big actions. 1) In January Somebody addressed to us, but we ignored. 2) In February Somebody scared us by killing dozens percents of those who became ill and we started reacting. 3) On the first days of April Somebody demonstrate humanity and reduced severity of the virus from 2-digits to 1-digit mortality. 4) On the twentieth of July Somebody again demonstrate humanity second time sharply changing the growth of worldwide daily cases. I do not speak here about dozens of unexplainable events on less than worldwide scale (like zero-mortality in Vietnam until end of July and near 10 percent mortality in August among many other mysteries).

What do these events mean taking into consideration their obviously non-natural nature? As soon as we stop being believers in God of Science and start being independent observers and researchers, we have to accept that what we observe are messages. And as soon as accept this amazing but self-obvious fact, grasping at least part of the meaning of these messages is not very difficult.

The first (January) message was "Listen to me!" Our reply (except China and China's neighbours) was ignorance. The second (February-March) message was "I force you to listen". Our reply now was obedience and attempts to do something trying to minimize inconvenience for ourselves. The third (April) message was "Ok, if you starting to understand I will not harm you too much more. Besides, see that this pandemics is not natural phenomenon and there is Somebody who wants to say to you something". Our reply was "Thanks god, everything is finishing, we must not do anything more; we are returning to normality and will continue to live as we lived". The fourth message (July) was "I do not want to be cruel again but please understand that this is not a natural phenomenon, this is my message to you that you must understand". Our reply again was ignorance.

What do you think must the fifth message be? In fact, we do not even guess – we see already the second wave in Western Europe that is already higher (e.g. France, Spain, Greece) than first wave was. Of course, this wave is milder in terms of mortality. This gives the governments and most stupid parts of societies the false hope that the price 1-2 percents of deaths will not be high enough and will not come to social cataclysm especially because most of those who will die are old and sick. But this is a false impression. Reject to listen cannot result in anything different than in choosing other means to force a listener to hear. You understand of course what these means must be – increase the severity of Covid.

What does Somebody want to say to humankind what humankind (and especially its Western part) does not want to hear? It is not too difficult to understand.

You cannot live as you lived serving your gods like God of Fun, God of Comfort, God of Desire (you call him also God of Unlimited Liberty (although this liberty is liberty from everything except liberty from yourselves). You must care about not only yourself but about your neighbours and whole society. You must limit yourself – your selfishness, your ignorance. You must grow your instant Selves intentionally and help others to develop their Selves intentionally.

This is not very difficult to understand, but only if you want to understand. But West (in wide meaning of word including for example Russia and even Singapore) does not. And actively resisting understanding, West prepares for itself very dim future. The pandemics again and again shows inability of Western bureaucracy to manage crisis situation and what is worse inability of Western mentality to change itself under condition of moderate threat to physical surviving. Moderate fear is not enough to force Western man (not important in Florida, Paris, Moscow or Hong Kong) to reject from stereotype values, thoughts and ways of behaviour. West as if replies to Somebody that to change itself the stronger measures are necessary.

What about Far East, the situation here is better (we can see this by statistics), but even here there are many things that have to be understood.

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