Coronavirus in Africa: Could poverty explain mystery of low death rate?

As the number of infections dips sharply in South Africa, and stays relatively low across much of the continent, experts are reaching towards a startling hypothesis.

Crowded townships. Poor hygiene. The impossibility of social distancing in communities, where large families often share a single room.

For months health experts have been warning that living conditions in poor, urban communities across Africa are likely to contribute to a rapid spread of coronavirus.

"Population density is such a key factor. If you don't have the ability to social distance, the virus spreads," said Professor Salim Abdool Karim, the head of South Africa's ministerial advisory team on Covid-19.

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Our comment. There may be another explanation scientific experts cannot accept. Imagine that the pandemic is a punishment for humankind aiming to force us rethink our way of life. In this case severity of punishment must be different for different nations. This is exactly what we are observing. Why the severity is distributed in this way? This is what we must understand. But we don't want.

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