COVID-19 long haulers on months of debilitating symptoms: ‘They don’t know how to make me better’

Why do some people get sick and never get better?

This group of individuals, nicknamed the “long haulers,” are people of all ages, races and genders. Survivors of the virus who, months later, find themselves battling a constellation of debilitating side effects that disrupt their ability to function. In a study released by Indiana University School of Medicine this August, in partnership with COVID-19 nonprofit Survivor Corps, long haulers describe nearly 100 side effects, from fatigue and body aches to night sweats and neuropathy.

The study casts doubt on the idea that the COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that lasts only a few weeks, suggesting instead that it may be a vascular disease capable of wreaking havoc on the eyes, skin, heart and brain, long after the sore throat goes away.

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