Cyprus, UK and Coronavirus

By Dr. Alexander Zelitchenko

I do not know how the country with Oxford and Cambridge, country with best tradition of administration and governance, how this country managed to decide killing itself. Literally – to kill. This may be explained by overwhelmed stupidity or by overconsumption of Scotch. I do not see other explanations. Third year student-mathematician can evaluate how many deaths may bring such dealing with epidemic. Not exactly of course, but exactly enough to understand how deadly this strategy is. And third-year student biologist can realize how all speculations about "collective immunity" are baseless.

Nevertheless, what Boris did is done. But this was done not for UK only but for all countries who connected with UK – Commonwealth, EU, US... And the problem now is how to correct the labour of Johnson? For Cyprus this is especially important because lion share of Cyprus viruses was imported from UK. For example, from 13 yesterday cases 12 are of Britain origin. The problem is especially dramatic because in many respects Cyprus and Bases are same: there are no borders, thousands Cypriots are living on territory of Bases etc. 60 years this did not create very serious problems. Now this does.

The obvious solution for whole Europe, not only for Cyprus is self-isolation from UK. 16/03 BBC evaluated the number of UK cases between 35,000 and 50,000 (comparing with total 80,000 in China and 30,000 in Italy). Without any self-restrictions the virus is running in UK as fire in dry field.

But how may be this done in Cyprus? Ceasing air connection with Paphos and Larnaca airports is not enough. What is necessary is the Bases follow to all Cyprus's self-restriction measures. Otherwise big UK simply will kill small Cyprus. And may be – literally.

Yesterday one Cyprus virologist proposed that Cyprus may be clean of virus to the middle of summer. But this may be valid for "closed model" only when there is no new virus supply from abroad. However now this is not a case. In our sinking ship the hole is not closed and the water is coming inside. The hole must be closed.

There are 2 possibilities here.

First – in the existing National Emergency, the Sovereign Bases must sacrifice the part of their sovereignty, namely in part of subordination to the measure of Government (or maybe ones of some Joined Committee, which is possible to create in days) against epidemics. It may be painful for the national pride as well for several minor practical matters but we are living in painful time and even cannot imagine how painful it is.

Rejecting to follow this way will result for UK in losing Cyprus. Surviving Cypriots never forgive UK dozens of thousand deaths which Cyprus will be inevitably suffered because of UK. And they will struggle restless for finishing liberation of the island. Wise British diplomats have to understand such things.

The second option is much more dramatic – to close Bases. Of course this is extremely difficult but this will save again dozens thousand lives. Or even more. Bets in this game are highest.

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