Less Fun – More Solidarity

Less stupidity, less negligence, less ignorance, less selfishness, more responsibility, more love, more thoughtfulness – this is what the crisis demands from us.

We are resisting. We are speaking nonsense about the choice between a health and an economics, about rights of children to be educated and entertained, about liberties, about we will not allow virus to control our life and about a lot of other meaningless intellectual rubbish. We allow ourselves to be stupid even idiotic because we do not want to change the way we live our lives – without wisdom, without love and without personal development after all. We live the life of happy farm animals, pigs or cows what you like more, and we want to continue. But we will not.

I expect that the character of pandemics may change 10th of November plus-minus couple days so sharply as this happened already twice 1-3 of April and 22-24 of July. But if this will happen again it will happen only to show us the artificial (but extraterrestrial) character of the pandemics – something that is completely inaccessible for the scientific believes about the world.

What we are seeing now is unbelievable. The millions, which call themselves "scientists" and possess corresponding certificates, look in the picture of the dynamics of the pandemics WORLDWIDE and do not want to understand that 3 events in red circles cannot happen in natural pandemics: sharply rising curve of daily cases cannot become non-rising in 2 days and mortality cannot reduced in the same 2 days in 5 times. This has to be obvious even for high school student. Our academicians fails to see this and do not want to hear about this because this destroys the whole system of their views. Who are they – scientists or believers?

What must be done today? We must change the way of our life completely. And first we must replace the race for fun and entertainment by the race for personal development and replace the race for profit by the race for delivering each man what is necessary for his/her development starting from healthy food and healthy environment and ending with best opportunities for education and all forms of productive creativity.

Can this be done today? Unfortunately, no. We can't. We too love ourselves to understand that this "love" destroy us.

What does it mean? It means that the crisis will continue until we will start understand. And the crisis will destroy the life, which we like too much. And if this will demand rising mortality the mortality will rise.

Indeed we must "live with virus". But to live with virus does not mean to live as if the virus does not exist. You don't need to be a sage to understand this.

We need new economy, new education, new forms of social communication and new forms of entertainment.

But we do not like this, do we!?! Of course we don't. But we have no choice. The only one we do have is to understand the necessity of such changes early with the smaller number of victims or later with the bigger one.

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