Lockdown Must Be Enforced

Sorry for banality: all restriction measures have to be enforced. If it was decision to stop entry without medical certificate starting 18:00, Monday and some group, which definitely included the Minister of Transport and Chief of Border Control in Larnaca Airport, allowed 41 passengers, which landed at 19:00 and were without certificates, to enter this mean that all members of this group must be IMMEDIATELY discharged. Moreover the prosecutor has to begin a criminal case against members of this group because their act was really dangerous for public health.

This is absolutely necessary measure. Similarly the set of Health Ministry actions that loose the lockdown (allowing entry without medical certificates, allowing certificates from unreliable foreign laboratories, e.g. Russian, African etc) must be cancelled and also immediately.

In the present situation of National Emergency the special body ("Emergency Council", or ideally "Joint Council" which will include representatives of British Bases) has to be created with the full power. And decisions of this body have to be enforced with all means which have to include not only police but army (of course after some training).

This body has to act without panics but decisively and consistently. The usual system of governance does not work in these circumstances (btw it does not quite work well in normal life also) because the price of stupidity here is too high.

For example today decision of Ministry of Health to shut down car repairs shops was an example of such stupidity. In Cyprus car repair is similar to "medical repair". To live Cyprus has to have healthy cars. When the family car is ill, the family cannot move. It is like broken leg. Everybody knows this. But there somebody in the Ministry of Health initiated this decree, which demonstrate his (or her) professional inability. Perhaps this "somebody" is a nice person and is even able to act under normal conditions. But not in the State of Emergency. Now other competence is necessary. And maybe other workers are.

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