Message from X-Power: Be Serious

I do not know how to explain this to make you even not accepting but starting thinking. Scientific arguments here do not work because you cannot doubt in what is a kind of axiom for you. You will react: "This cannot be because this never can be".

Nevertheless I'll say. There are many facts that speak about the same: the virus behaves "unscientifically": very quickly changes both its mortality and its contagiousness and sometimes becomes very selective in terms of neighbouring states borders: while two neighbours take the same measures in one of them epidemiological situation is good in other is bad. The number of such mysteries is extremely high. You may find examples in my works in Appendix.

"Natural" epidemics never behave in this way. Thus, the only explanation here is existence of some power (let call it X-Power to emphasize its unknown nature), which controls virus and which is able to change its mortality and/or contagiousness very quickly worldwide or in some regions.

I realize that you cannot accept this idea because I'd also do not accept it unless I see the facts, which I cannot explain alternatively. When scientist observes facts, which confirm some hypothesis, he accepts this hypothesis even when this is an absolutely mad hypothesis like the spherical Earth spins around the Sun rather than the Sun rotates around the flat Earth how we see every day with our own eyes.

Let us continue. If this X-Power does exist and control the virus, this means that X-Power is trying to communicate us some message, which we fail perceiving in other way.

What is the message? We may understand this from what we already know. Some types of behaviour in respect of the virus are awarded while some other types of behaviour are punished.

What is punished? Ignorance: attempts to ignore the virus and continue living the life as we lived before epidemics. Perhaps this is punished even on the level of individual, but certainly on the level of small and big societies. We remember the big problem of the West in March. This was a punishment that stopped suddenly and "non-scientifically" in first days of April as somebody said "Enough!".

What is awarded? Seriousness: serious and responsible reaction on the virus. The best known example here is China, but this is not only one example.

We see also a lot of instances when shift from seriousness to ignorance resulted in growth of both number of cases and mortality. And opposite: when unserious attitude became serious the number of cases and/or mortality drop.

Thus the popular Western strategy "The virus is not as awful now as it was in January-March. Let us live as we lived, let us return to normality. The number of victims will not be too high. We must pay this price for normal life" does not work. This strategy will lead and leads already only to increasing epidemics and the number of coffins.

What else does X-Power want to say us? It is also almost obvious. Stop running for comfort, pleasure, fun, and getting-together. Stop consume unreasonably. Focus on real goals.

This demand is painful for many businesses that extract money from such values. But what we must do is to change the character of our economics. We must stop to produce what is not necessary and increase producing what is vital. Moreover, we must change the way how we distribute products, to make it more "socialistic", to provide vulnerable men more social support, which will be enough to give them the opportunity to live full life: to learn, to self-realize and to think about life they lived.

This means the instant cultural revolution. We must change both our main values and our way of life. Of course we will resist as long as we can. This is quite natural. But the problem is that we have no too much choice. Because the more we will resist the more severe the virus will become. And opposite, the early we understood what we must do the less number of coffins will be.

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