Simplest way to win

If you do not test, you have no positive results. Thus you have no coronavirus at all. Just opposite – you have a great statistics. Simply don't test.

And what is the meaning to test? Prescription is same – self-isolation. Treatment is unknown. If you will recover you will without treatment. If you will dye you will with treatment or without, the same. This is as Gogol's personage from The Inspector-General told: If he dies, he'd die anyway. If he gets well, he'd get well anyway.

The statistics from clearly how it works: while some states try calculating what happens, others try putting head in sand. Say, Italy today reported zero new cases, zero new deaths. Brilliant!

Why is this dangerous? Because people have no idea how hard is epidemic situation where they live and do not take measures of safety. Yes, they do not panic. But they become contaminated and kill themselves and other people. Indeed, why must I stay at home when there are only hundred cases in 60-millions country? Absurd!

Of course "optimistic digits" prevent panic. But the price is too high. Moreover, indeed they do not prevent but only delay panics making this delayed panic stronger and more dangerous.

What must be done? This is a wrong question. The correct one is what must NOT be done. We must not lie to others and to ourselves.

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