We cannot "return to normal"

This is a strategic idea of war with coronavirus: when everything will end we will continue living "normal" life, the life we customized to live. Tourist will bring us money, those who want save on taxes will bring us money, Europe will give us money, we will continue imitating education, we will not develop production of new etc.

This is the hope. But this will not be realized because the epidemics will change the world and is changing the world already. We cannot predict how long it will continue. But we see that all "nothing serious" results in serious grow. And we see that the hopes for immunity and vaccine are baseless in terms of their scientific foundation as well we the hope for "peaceful" coexistence with the virus.

The usual way of life will not be practical for observable future. Benefits of visiting restaurant for example will be nullified by the risk of contamination. The same is with visiting many shops/malls. The same is with other crowding. And mantras about social distancing will not work because people gather not to be distant but to be close.

Epidemic demands too many things to be done. To mention few it is necessary to organize: a) distance learning that learns rather than imitates learning, b) to organize online shopping and convenient delivery and so on including even such unusual things as distance church services with distance communion.

The new economic directions are opened now. The world monetary system with dollar as main currency is under strong pressure. The total sum of money cannot be determined by one country or even by the group of countries. It must be permanent or near permanent. This may be realized today only as digital money and the country, which will move in this direction first (law, infrastructure, exchanges etc) will benefit most.

The geopolitical situation is changing quickly also. We already have new leader and fail of old leadership. New international unions will be formed. Makarios made Cyprus recognisable by joining Non-Aligned Movement and becoming one of its leaders. The present leaders have possibility to repeat this creating Development and Social Solidarity Movement of states who share the values of both expedite social and individual development and social solidarity.

This topic is potentially infinite but the central lesson is clear: we cannot return back "to normal" we must go forward to unknown but better future.

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