What was happened in Fools' Day?

Look in 3 graphs.

Worldwide new cases and deaths.

Outcomeofclosedcases. Again worlwide.

And the last (but not least) is ratio of deaths to the number of new cases 20 days ago. Here only 10th, 20th and 30th days of months (from March till July) are presented but this is enough to see the character of changing mortality.

And now the question from the title – what was happened very quickly (for 1-3 days) in 1 of April or in nearest days? In Fools' Day?

The picture is absolutely clear – the virus changed itself crucially. It started behaving differently, less deadly and less contaminatingly. The lethality have been reducing from several dozens percents t to several percents. The same is true regarding contamination. We see how one exponential curve was replaced by other much milder

Why it happened? What was the reason? The answer is very simple – we do not know. Moreover this is only scientifically correct answer. Scientists analyze data. Those who are trying to explain what they do not know by their "theories" are not scientists but charlatans.

It is obvious that nether biology nor virology in their present states can explain this phenomenon. The process of very quick, in one moment change, which we observe, does not look as natural at all. It looks like somebody turned switch.

Who and how? I do not know.

But I know that this was a case. Moreover, self-evident fact. The simplest data analysis does not leave room for doubts here.

And this fact has to be discussed and discussed loudly.

Our main problem today is forecast, prediction. What will be next? The answer is not too good for our self-esteem: we not only do not know but we cannot know. Who turned the switch one time may turn it again, and we do not know in what direction.

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