What is the difference? Scientist studies facts, analyses them, extracts meaning and build theory. Believer has a priori theory and applies it to explain facts. If this is impossible he tries to deny facts. Id this is also impossible he reject from explanations and even thinking about facts that contradict his theory. In other words, for believer fetish is theory, for scientist – facts.

The facts of COVID19 are amazing and non-explainable for any respectable scientific theory: the pandemic behaves non-scientifically. Mortality is non-explainable different in other places from extremely high to zero. The number of cases does not correspond to quarantine measures. In one day worldwide speed of contamination and mortality are changed sharply. Moreover we see these changes with period about 110-115 days twice. We see also as the virus appears as if from nowhere as today in New Zeeland. To tell this story short virology works here extremely poorly: the virus behaves not how virology orders to him to behave.

If collect all facts that we observe we must accept the following:

1) Both contaminating power of the virus (the ability to spread) and mortality vary in broad range;

2) They do not depend on ethnicity but depend on location: in some regions are much higher than in others;

3) They may change sharply in few days or less;

4) They may hit territory very quickly.

What we see may be explained by the existence of some Control Centre that is able to change the virus RNA worldwide or locally acting by unknown (for us) radiation. And while being PhD in physics I do not see other explanation of the facts we observe.

But this is impossible! This is fantastic!! This cannot be because this can't ever be!!! He is mad!!!!

These are strong arguments, very strong arguments of believer. And nothing can oppose such arguments because nothing may force instant believer to change his opinion. I even shall not try, but continue.

Till now I spoke about explanation of unexplainable, extracted meaning of very strange facts. Now I want to speculate about what overall this strange story means.

If indeed the Control Centre exists and acts what is its goal? What does it want to reach by its actions? Does it want to kill humankind, or to teach us, or to message us? I do not see other possibilities.

Obviously not to kill – so powerful Centre might to kill us easily and quickly, but it did not. Thus this is a message. What is the content? And why did it choose so brutal way to communicate?

The second question is simple – any less brutal messages would not force us to switch on our ability to think. We do not like think about such matters.

The first question is less obvious, but in some parts of the message is obvious enough also. We must change the way how we live and in particular the system of our values. Today for many people the top level of their hierarchy of values is occupied by pleasure, comfort, fun and money as means to provide these higher values. They are our masters and we are their slaves. We are spoken now that this is not normal. Human being is not rats that press the lever stimulating the brain's pleasure deliberate development of our mind (or, using more archaic term, deliberate development of our soul), self-realizing our human potential that is unique for each person as fingerprints. What is it and how does one do this are the question out of present topic. But the order is too clear: less gathering for fun, more learning for youth, fewer businesses for fun more businesses assisting deliberate development for mature people, better care, more help in deliberate development for vulnerable groups.

Why do I think that this is the message? There is one more fact we are trying don't see – the virus hit stronger Western Europe (and here stronger the strongholds of Western ideology as UK, France, Lombardy, Sweden among others) and States (especially the symbol of America – New York). Not "communist China" and even not degrading Russia became the main victims of the virus, but West. And what may be even more interesting Eastern collectivism is demonstrating serious advantages comparing with Western individualism and liberalism.

What was the way even to start this discussion in West about these corner stones of Western civilization if not pandemic? I do not know such way. Even today only very few Westerners can accept the problem not speaking of solutions.

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